Welcome ...

to Proof by Design (a.k.a PbD). My name is Jennifer Wohlk, and PbD is the one-woman business I developed in 2012.

As many graphic designers do, I started a little freelance business to give me a creative and intellectually stimulating outlet that I have complete responsibility for. PbD has certainly given me that freedom, as well as the ability to combine my professional skills; design and editing.

While I enjoy freelancing, it can be difficult to 'pay the bills'. At present, I am contracting for Gympie Regional Council and looking for full-time employment and will bring the same level of expertise and commitment to my future employer as I give to my business.

My Story

When you work with PbD, you are working with me; therefore I believe it is important to share my education and employment story with you.

While working as a Graphic Designer for a training company, I put myself through a Graduate Diploma in Digital Design at the University of the Sunshine Coast. This sparked a desire to continue formal education, so a Diploma in Publishing via correspondence followed shortly after. I had worked with this training company for 16 years, and felt it was time to experience new work environments and try freelancing.

Since then, I have worked with an aviation training company, a print house and a primary school education publisher. While I love to learn, I am holding off on studies at this point in time and concentrating on my business and next employment venture.

PbD for You

As you have probably guessed, PbD is all about graphic design, publishing, editing and copywriting.

I am passionate about my work, and whether you are a small business looking for a passionate designer, a large business seeking a proofreader or considering hiring me as a new team member, let's get together and see if I am right for you.


Please feel free to contact me via mobile:

0418 969 299

or email: